The best quality at a fair price

Countless customers have been convinced by German Horse Pellets products. And among these countless customers are renowned equestrian sports stars such as Helen Langehanenberg, André Thieme and Hans-Dieter Dreher.


Products with the PEFC seal

As a producer of wood-based bedding products, the quality of the raw materials and knowing exactly where they came from have primary importance for us. The woods used are procured from German and sustainably managed forests. As a company, we are making a decisive contribution to protecting our environment in this way. German Horse Pellets Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG has been a PEFC-certified producer of animal-bedding products for many years already.

Forest certification in accordance with the PEFC standards is based on the very strict guidelines for sustainable forest management. This management is controlled by responsible and independent organisations. If a product made of wood has the PEFC seal on it, this means that: The entire production of the product – from raw materials to the ready-to-use finished product – is certified and is controlled by independent experts. (Source: www.pefc.de)


ISO EN 9001:2015

The quality of the final product is always the most important thing during its production. By constantly monitoring the production process, we can ensure you that our horse bedding meets the high quality standards that you expect and demand. Our products are practical, species-appropriate and they ensure excellent hygienic conditions. When you order from us, you receive a high-quality bedding product quickly and problem-free. And that for a really fair price.

In order to be able to guarantee the constant and consistent quality of our products, we place massive importance on maintaining our internal company standards. This is also the reason why we here at German Horse Pellets already introduced a uniform quality management system many years ago. It complies with the internationally valid standards of the ISO EN 9001:2015 standard.