German Horse Span Premium

If you prefer bedding that has a far greater volume, then German Horse Span Premium is the perfect choice for you. The box remains bright and friendly for a long time and the stables are filled with a pleasant scent of wood.

The chips are produced from fresh wood in our production facilities. Thanks to the mechanical cleaning and screening-out of all fine particles, these planed chips are perfect to meet the special needs of horses that are sensitive to dust.


Large bedding volumes

The bales weigh approximately 20kg and have a bedding volume of 550 litres. Compared to traditional bedding products, our bedding pellets have fantastic absorption properties.

Created from fresh wood

The German Horse Premium Span is produced in a newly installed, ultra-modern wood-planing machine. This machine can remove the bark from entire tree trunks and processes them completely to chips.

Pleasant wood scent

The box remains bright and friendly for longer. The ambient climate in the stables is determined by the pleasant scent of wood.

Practically completely free of germs and dust

The planed chips are dried and screened several times. The mechanical cleaning and screening-out of all fine particles also make German Horse Premium Span especially suitable for horses that are sensitive to dust.

  1. Spread 3-4 bales of bedding depending on the size of the stable box.
  2. Remove the horse dropping and wet bedding chips on a regular basis.
  3. Spread approximately 1-2 bales of additional bedding per week as required.

Our bedding products are produced using German softwoods. The wood chips are heat-treated and screened several times which ensures that they are practically completely free of germs and dust. The formation of ammonia is significantly hindered – meaning optimum air quality in the stables and box for your horse.

We are a globally operating company and we offer our customers a comprehensive and all-round service. We deliver our products per lorry (taut liner, mega-trailer, jumbo and groupage freight), per container and, if requested, also by air freight. We use all our expertise to ensure our customers that delivery to them will run smoothly from the initial ordering right through to the free-house delivery – and our experienced staff are also always there to help should they be needed.

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