German Horse Span Classic

Our tried-and-tested classic among the bedding products. The light-coloured bedding made of softwood chips provides high absorption properties and optimum bedding volume for stable boxes.

100% natural bedding in easy-to-handle 20kg bales. That ensures that they are easy to handle when completing the daily work in the stables.


Light colour

The product German Horse Span Classic is a finely planed chip produced from a pure softwood. And just like German Horse Pellets, German Horse Span Premium and German Horse Granulat, we guarantee that the woods we use remain completely natural.

High absorption properties

Our classic bedding will convince all horse lovers with its maximum moisture-absorbing properties and odour absorption, which spreads a pleasant scent of wood throughout the stables.

Optimum bedding volumes

The finely planed chips guarantee the optimum bedding volume in the stable box. 100% natural bedding in trim 20kg bales. That ensures that they are easy to handle when completing the daily work in the stables and at tournaments.

Practically completely free of germs and dust

The bedding chips are free from chemical additives, making it practically completely free of germs with the smallest portion of dust possible.

  1. Spread 3-4 bales of bedding depending on the size of the stable box.
  2. Remove the horse dropping and wet bedding chips on a regular basis.
  3. Spread approximately 1-2 bales of additional bedding per week as required.

Our bedding products are produced using German softwoods. The wood chips are heat-treated and screened several times which ensures that they are practically completely free of germs and dust. The formation of ammonia is significantly hindered – meaning optimum air quality in the stables and box for your horse.

We are a globally operating company and we offer our customers a comprehensive and all-round service. We deliver our products per lorry (taut liner, mega-trailer, jumbo and groupage freight), per container and, if requested, also by air freight. We use all our expertise to ensure our customers that delivery to them will run smoothly from the initial ordering right through to the free-house delivery – and our experienced staff are also always there to help should they be needed.

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