• Are you looking for healthy horse bedding?

    German Horse Pellets is your reliable producer and supplier of quality bedding.


  • You will need less time for stable work

    Our products are simple and uncomplicated, which means you will have more time for your animals. 


  • The health of your animals is important to us

    Our products ensure the ideal ambient climate in the stables thanks to their pleasant-smelling scent and absorption.


Quality bedding from nature

Do you prefer to have a healthy climate in your stables and is the health and happiness of your horse important to you? Then you need to use our innovative bedding products. Damp bedding, unpleasant ammonia odours, as well as large volumes of manure can be a thing of the past.

Only the best-quality raw chips were selected from German woods, special shredding and especially gentle drying methods are employed in order to produce the high-quality and innovative bedding. All products are produced under constant quality controls in Germany. As the producer, we guarantee the constant high quality of our products.