German Horse Pellets

With the help of bedding pellets, a controlled feeding and meeting of the roughage-fodder requirement is possible because there is no material for feeding in the box. Healthy bedding for your horse!


From completely natural softwood

Our German Horse Pellets are produced from completely natural softwood and do not contain any additional artificial ingredients.

Extremely absorbent

Highest-possible moisture retention thanks to the larger surface area. 1 bag of pellets absorbs a total of 63 litres of urine. The heat-treated pellets are practically complete free of germs and this hinders the formation of ammonia. Pleasant wood scent & excellent ambient climate in the stables.

Practically completely free of germs and dust

The heat treatment makes the product practically completely free of germs and dust. The formation of ammonia is very significantly reduced. Unpleasant smells are prevented. A healthy ambient climate in the stables prevents respiratory problems.

Decays fast

80% less manure! The horse droppings can be easily separated from the bedding. The good material remains completely in the box. The places that are wet are darker and so can be easily recognised and removed. Once the first layer of bedding has been applied, only 1-2 bags need to be added each week. The bedding pellets decay quickly and can be composted.

  1. We recommend one bag of bedding for each square metre of box space. Spread the pellets evenly in the box – the height of the bedding is now 5-7cm.
  2. Moistening the bedding accelerates the mattress formation. Apply a generous amount of water to the basis bedding. The surface structure of the pellets breaks open and the fine, highly absorbent material settles into position. Dampening the pellets does not affect their absorbent properties in any way. A bag of German Horse Pellets absorbs up to 63 litres of moisture.
  3. The functionality of the pellets remains for months. The places that are wet become darker and so can be easily recognised and removed. The amount of manure is reduced by up to 80% compared to traditional types of bedding. After roughly six months, the mat should be completely removed and new bedding spread.

Our bedding products are produced exclusively from German softwoods. They are heat-treated and screened several times which ensures that they are practically completely free of germs and dust. The formation of ammonia is significantly hindered – meaning optimum air quality in the stables and box for your horse.

We are a globally operating company and we offer our customers a comprehensive and all-round service. We deliver our products per lorry (taut liner, mega-trailer, jumbo and groupage freight), per container and, if requested, also by air freight. We use all our expertise to ensure our customers that delivery to them will run smoothly from the initial ordering right through to the free-house delivery – and our experienced staff are also always there to help should they be needed.

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